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“I tell clients and students, if you’re constantly watching something, you’re never getting to create your own fantasies, explore your erotic imagination and know what your boundaries are,” said Mal Harrison, the executive director of the Center for Erotic Intelligence
Netherlands-based adult toy shop EasyToys just launched a new campaign— a faux reality TV show, where three adventurous couples are faced with the challenge of finding a "not-so-hidden" treasure: Mount Clitoris, Philippines. (YES, THIS IS A REAL PLACE!) In a comedic two-minute spot, the couples must reach the peak to "close the gap" and win the ultimate prize.
Experts are raising concerns about what the intersection — now in four states — means for victims of domestic violence. Homicide is the leading cause of death for pregnant and postpartum people in the United States.
Brazilian documentary filmmaker Daniel Gonçalves and his editing partner looked for other films exploring the topic of sexuality and disability, but they couldn’t find any, so they made their own.
"The act of choosing a piece of culture to consume is a really powerful one," says writer Kyle Chayka. He's the author of Filterworld: How Algorithms Flattened Culture.
New research from OHSU looked at human tissue to try to understand how many nerve fibers are contained in the clitoris.
Clarissa Smith on the Intersection of Human Sexuality & Pornography
The moral case for letting trans kids change their bodies.